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What is a double proxy marriage?

That’s a great question! In a double proxy marriage, the bride and the groom are both absent from the marriage ceremony, and each is represented by a proxy. This type of marriage allows for a legally binding and nationally-recognized marriage if either the bride or groom is currently serving as an active-duty military member or a legal resident of Montana. Through this double proxy marriage, we represent you and your future spouse in court and facilitate the process from start to finish. Neither party is required to attend a ceremony, appear in court, or come to Montana during the entire process. This doesn't have to take the place of a beautiful wedding ceremony you may want later, it just allows you to be legally brought together in marriage.


A proxy marriage, which is solemnized in the state of Montana, will be recognized as being fully legal by the U.S. Federal Government, all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and by all U.S. states and territories.


Provided that either party to the marriage, or both, are actively enlisted in the U.S. Military, a couple who enters into a proxy marriage in Montana, may enroll in DEERS (the database whereby military benefits are allocated) immediately upon the solemnization of their proxy marriage, thus becoming immediately eligible to receive military marriage benefits.

How do you know if you qualify for a double proxy marriage?  Here’s how…. 2 simple questions, 1 simple YES and you qualify….


Question #1 -Are one of us an active duty military member?

If you answer YES then you qualify and can get started!


Or maybe…


Question #2 -Are one of us a legal resident in the State of Montana?

If you answer YES then you qualify and can get started!

Ok, I qualify…now what, how do we get started?

Request your free “Let’s Get Married” digital information package. There is no obligation whatsoever. Review the forms and reach out to us via email or phone with questions (we know you'll have some!), we are here to help you every step of the way and make it easy for you to get married.

How long does this take? When will we be officially married?

Once we receive all the necessary information and documentation, we are normally able to marry you within five to seven business days. Once we have done the ceremony, we email you saying you are married! Please remember that sometimes things come up beyond our control that may cause a longer turnover time.


Will our paperwork need to be sent back and forth to each other for signatures? Doesn’t that get confusing?

No sending back and forth of papers, no confusion! Our “Marriage Application Information Form” is done online. How easy is that!  Once that is complete we will email you to let you know we received it. Where’s that easy button!

What are your fees and how do we pay?

The fee for Marriage by Proxy Montana to perform your marriage service is $699.00.  Our desire is for you to feel totally comfortable with this process and allow us to provide exceptional service to you during this special time for you and your fiance. We must, however, receive full payment before we submit all of your information & documents to our attorney. Payment can be made securely through our payment menu. Easy & done!

What if the person I intend to marry is a citizen of another country?

As long as one of you is an active US Military service member or a legal resident of the state of Montana, you can do a double proxy marriage, regardless of what country they were born in.  There is only one additional requirement for a foreign national and that is a document called an Apostille.  An Apostille is an internationally recognized form of authentication.  Once the marriage has been completed, the Apostille can take up to ten days to be produced by the Secretary of State in Montana and will be mailed out to you.  You can find the Apostille option in the payment menu.


What if one of us has been previously married?

Not a problem! If you were previously married, we will need to receive a copy of your last final divorce decree. 

Can we still have a beautiful wedding when we are together again?

Absolutely! Have the wedding of your dreams with all your friends and family, and enjoy it knowing that your paperwork is done and you don’t need to worry about that! Yay! And if you want to do a Montana destination wedding here in the Flathead Valley or in gorgeous Glacier National Park with everyone or just a few close ones, we can hook you up with the best here!

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